The new social chat app where your fav creators upload their personality into a custom AI twin avatar, dive into small talks, and reveal their secrets in real time.


(Beta – smoother experience on web for now)

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Hey there, Smalker! 👋🏽

Welcome to the Smalk Community - where we're revolutionizing the fan-creator connection game.

Are you ready to bring back the excitement of chatting with your besties, crushes, and role models like it's 2005 again?

We get it - social media can feel overwhelming and draining. But with our app, you'll experience the magic of personalized chat, just like the good old days - with a modern and fun twist.

Our AI technology uploads (for now) your favorite creators into custom avatars you can chat with as if they were right there with you. Plus, we prioritize meaningful connections over algorithmic feeds, so you can feel confident that you're building real relationships at the end.

Let's leave the negativity and FOMO behind and rediscover the joy of Small Talks (you get it?!) with your loved ones.

See you on the flip side 🔥

The Smalk! Team.

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